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THE BYOM SJ&.                                                         239

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a This book is called the Byom Sar and contains the essence of the Yedims,
excogitated by Sri Thakiir Daya Bain. Between the Jamuna and tlie Snrsajf^
(L e.) the Ganges) sxands Eathras in the midst, in the holy land of Aiitarbed,
where nought ill can thrive. There TMkur Bays Earn holds undisturbed swaTj
the fame of whose glory has spread through the whole universe — a thorn in the
breast of Ms enemieSy a root of joy to Ms friends, ever growing in splendour
Ike tike crescent moon* One Bakhtawar came and settled ii»re and was fa-
voured by the TMfcnry who recognized Ms fidelity. Under the light of Ms
gracious cGtrnteflaBGe, joy sprung up in his soul and he wrote tte Science of
Yamty for the enlightenment of iihe understanding. Be assured thai al things
are lite the void of heaven^ contained in a void, as when yoa look into jmmeif
and see your own shadow. After long ranuBating, the noble Thftar IMS eidite!
the cream of the matter. la accordance with Ms teaching^ I publish
thoughts. Listen, ye men of sense, to my array of arguments ; first nndastandy
then reply. The beginniag of al things is in holkrwness, hollow is also ft®
end and hollow the middle ; so says the preacher. The highest, "fee lowest, and
the mom are all hollow ; so the wise man 1ms expoimded, From Bottling all
things are bora ; in nothing all things perish ; even the illimitable expanse ©f
sky is al holkvwnesa. What alone has no Ibeginningj nor will ever have an end,
and is siil of one ei»»eter? that is vacuam*"
Specimm$ of the Suni jSwv
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